Create Optimized Floor Plans Fast & Efficiently

Our focus extends beyond serving clients to improving the architecture profession at large. To achieve this goal, we collaborate closely with software engineers to develop innovative tools that can optimize various aspects of our work. By leveraging the expertise of software engineers, we can identify and address key challenges in our field, and create solutions that benefit not only our clients, but also our fellow architects.

Designing at Machine Learning Speed.

Through this collaborative approach, we strive to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and overall quality of architectural design and delivery, while also advancing the broader goals and objectives of our profession.

Design faster and smarter

Automating manual work for better design decisions at a faster project pace

Generate More Profit

Maximizing your saleable area, number of units and overall efficiency

Up to code

Incorporates local building code and ordinances. ARK brain analyzes and learns metadata of architectural designs and creates infinite variations that account for US local regulations and ordinances.

Customizable with your tools

Continue editing your floor plan to perfection with your goto software


Construction Projects


Dwelling Units


Designed Square Feet