ZPROEKT was established in 2003 in South Brooklyn. Our firm specializes in residential, mixed use, retail and office commercial projects. We have a dynamic, client-oriented approach through all phases of the project from schematic design, design development, construction administration to final completion.

As an architecture firm, we do not conform to the typical approach. Instead, we draw upon the principles of the design build method, which involves collaborating with clients, engineers, consultants, realtors, and contractors right from the early stages of the project’s conception. By leveraging the collective expertise of all stakeholders, we ensure that important considerations such as desirability, functionality, and budget are addressed upfront, before the final build is introduced to the market. This approach enables us to deliver high-quality architectural solutions that meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients, while also ensuring efficient project delivery and a successful outcome.


The company is comprised of young, progressive professionals dedicated to the industry and ready to deliver on your next architectural project.
Igor Zaslavskiy
Principal Architect
Zina Eskina-Smith
Michael Levy
Helen Melamed

Municipal Filing Executive

Anna Kornikova

Senior Project Manager 

Ben Zaslavsky

Lead IT Specialist

Natella Kravchuk

Senior Project Manager 

Lera Likhitska

Architectural Designer

ZPROEKT x ArkDesign AI

Our collaboration with the first AI platform for creating architectural schematic design enables us to automate manual work for better design decisions at a faster project pace.

ARK software generates optimized building designs instantly, allowing us to not only review and examine multiple design options so we can work faster and more efficiently but also help us save on opportunity costs.